STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

As well as being incorporated into classroom learning, STEM is taught as a specialist subject, 50 minutes per week, to all students from Foundation to Grade 6. The large dedicated learning environment is split across two rooms, allowing students the space to explore, experiment, plan, build and test in their learning. The space is equipped with class sets of Dash and Sphero robots, Technic kits, Lego bricks, train tracks and other lab equipment to ensure students are learning by doing, rather than just observing. Students have access to 1-1 iPad usage through either class sets for Foundation-Year 2, or BYO program for Years 3-6 and these are regularly used in class to grow student's technological skills.




Some STEM topics students learn at Donvale are:

  • Creating digital solutions - block and JavaScript coding with Sphero and Dash robots.
  • Leaders in STEM - learning about the brilliant minds in STEM and the job pathways available today and in the future.
  • Lego Gadgets - exploring physical science with simple machines.
  • Fairytale solutions - engineering design solutions through stories, to meet community needs.
  • Building our world - engineering cities and infrastructure.
  • Animal Adaptations - biological science looking at how animals adapt to their environments.
  • Our country - environmental science with indigenous knowledge of the land, water and sky.
  • Minecraft Education - experimenting with biomes and building sustainable worlds.
  • The Earth, The Sky and Beyond - from how the Earth is made, to how weather patterns affect us, and our position in space.
  • Data and Communication - using Seesaw and Google Classroom to create and communicate ideas and information safely, applying agreed ethical and social protocols.