Our Values

Donvale Primary School has been running a highly successful ‘Values’ program for many years.

All classes are involved in learning that focuses on the development of our students understanding of each of our five core values, all underpinned by DET’s ‘Respectful Relationships’ curriculum.








Respect is a fundamental value at our school, fostering an environment where everyone honors the opinions, beliefs, and differences of others. Students are encouraged to treat each other, as well as staff, with courtesy and consideration. This emphasis on respect cultivates a positive atmosphere, promoting open-mindedness and collaboration.


Responsibility is instilled in our students as a core value, emphasizing the importance of taking ownership of their actions and commitments. Whether it's completing homework on time, participating in sports days, or contributing to group projects, students learn the significance of accountability and the role it plays in personal and collective success.


Resilience is a key value that prepares students to navigate challenges with perseverance and determination. Recognizing that setbacks are a natural part of life, our school encourages a mindset that views obstacles as opportunities for growth. By developing resilience, students learn to bounce back from adversity, adapt to change, and face the future with confidence.


Compassion is at the heart of our school community, emphasizing empathy and understanding towards others. Students are encouraged to consider the feelings and experiences of their peers, creating a supportive atmosphere where kindness and inclusivity thrive. Through acts of compassion, students learn the significance of building positive relationships and making a difference in the lives of those around them.


Gratitude is a value that underscores the importance of appreciating the positive aspects of life and acknowledging the contributions of others. Our school encourages students to express gratitude for the opportunities, support, and experiences they encounter. By fostering a sense of thankfulness, students develop a positive outlook and an understanding of the interconnectedness that binds our school community together.




We also use the Framework of Values set out by DET into our teaching;

  • Integrity
  • Understanding
  • Tolerance and Inclusion
  • Care and Compassion
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness
  • Fair go
  • Doing your best
  • Freedom

The Values program is part of Donvale Primary School’s proactive approach to developing a supportive and cohesive community of students who care for each other and encourage their class mates to be the best they can be.