Transition Program for 2025 Foundation Students

2025 Foundation students are encouraged to attend the Transition sessions to familiarise themselves with the school, classrooms and the teachers. It's a great opportunity to start getting to know their fellow students too.

We are pleased to announce our Transition sessions and times for our 2025 Foundation Students:

Session One: Friday 18th October @ 12.00pm

Session Two: Wednesday 30th October @ 9.00am

Session Three: Friday 15th November @12.00pm

Session Four: Friday 29th November @ 12.00pm (Meet the Teacher)

Foundation Parent Information Evening - Thursday 28th November 6.00-7.00pm
This information session is for our 2025 Foundation Parents. It is hosted by our Foundation Teachers and Principal Larissa Vesdrevanis. 

‘Meet the Teacher’  –  During this time the students will have the opportunity to officially meet their classroom teacher and their classmates in their classroom for the following year. They will spend the session engaged in a fun activity and familiarising themselves even more with school life. This gives teachers and students a wonderful opportunity to start really getting to know one another.

We look forward to meeting you at transition!